Dear Parents and Tutors,

Surrounding the new COVID changes brought forth to most business sectors including education that has not been spared, online learning has been one key focus for us during this challenging time. The new normal has also gotten many parents to find out more about online education programs that will benefit their children during this home schooling period. Also at this time, we have come up with an interesting online education app to cultivate Creative Thinking and Chinese Language skills that aims to target children between the age of 6 – 12 years old. This program was developed by the renowned team running the esteem “John Langrehr Thinking Program” in Singapore.
An innovative app that consists of many “STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) based creative and critical thinking exercises as well as “Multiple Answer Thinking challenges” which boost children’s power of imagination and visualisation. It’s a multi language app in Chinese and English that children can also use to record their ideas verbally or spell out their answers in the educational games.
The questions and animation are fabulous which makes learning along the way fun and intuitive. It also provides a good tool for parenting and coaching if parents or educators are keen to join in the discussion with them. You can give a heads up on each kids creative answers and even generate intriguing discussion to make the stay home study period more valuable and fun filled.

How to Access The App?

This app is built upon WeChat platform. If you have a WeChat account, follow the simple steps
below to get started.
1. Click the “+” button on the top right corner of the screen
2. A dropdown menu will be shown
3. Click on the “Scan” option and scan the QR code below.

If you do not have a WeChat account yet, we recommend you download the Free App
either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Users can also access the below Youtube video on how to create a WeChat account:

Accessing the Free Lessons

1. Below is the Home Screen that will appear once you register and login to the app:

You can see a tutorial here on how to move around the program:

or read on.

1.1 The Green button is the “STEAM-Based Creative & Critical Thinking” module and the Yellow button is the “Multiple Answer Thinking Challenges” module.

a. Click on the Green Button , you would see the next screen below. Click the top Blue button will lead you to the page of 24 Free Lessons. Click on each of them and the lesson will be displayed.  

b. To get help on the answer, click the red (“Hint”) button

1.2. When you return back to the Home screen,

Click the Yellow button , you would see the next screen below. Click on the red button numbered “1” or “2” and it will lead you to the free lessons for this module.  

If you click the red button “1” at the top, the next screen will appear:

Click on the “ ”, a short question video will start, ending with a challenge or question for the student to answer. The student can submit an answer by clicking and holding on to the microphone button . Click on the numbered button, the purple “1”  to watch one of the four sample answers. To unlock the other sample answers, the student needs to submit an answer. This is to motivate the students to think and come up with ideas; hence developing their confidence in creative thinking.

Sample Questions:

Below are some screenshots of the sample challenges in this unique program:

Who is this program catered for?

This app is catered more for Primary 1 – 6 children. There are free trial questions to get you started. Parents or educators can consider purchasing the full version if they find the program suitable.

How much does this app cost?

There are 2 paid levels. Each level costs $35. Each level consists of 100 challenges from the “STEAM-based Creative & Critical Thinking” module and 10 challenges from the “Multiple Answer Thinking Challenges” module. Investing in both levels at one go will cost only $50. (A total saving of $20)

Where do i purchase the full version of this app?

To get the complete version of our STEAM based online learning program, please contact Simplify Tuition Connect at 81167766 or alternatively you can email us @ for us to assist you.