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Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Corner

Answer: Our selection process is stringent. We carry out intensive phone interviews with tutor along with background experience check. We always do backup interview of more than 1 tutor for the requested assignment to select the best and most suited candidate. All tutors have to present their certificate to parent as validation aside submitting their education profile to us.

Answer: Yes, you can. Just speak to us and we will do the rest for the replacement to ensure least disruption to your child lesson. You will only need to pay for the lesson that the tutor taught.

Answer: There is no registration fee to request a tutor from our agency. There is also strictly no other upfront hidden fee. Parent only needs to pay for the agreed tuition fee which will all be documented on our confirmation notice. However, should you decide to cancel the assignment after all confirmation notice sent out to both tutor and tutee, a $50 administrative fee will be imposed on you.

Answer: You will receive a follow up call within the next 24 hours from us to know more about your request. All assignments are handled with priority by our agency as utmost importance.

Answer: All payment details are provided on our confirmation email notice to parent and tutor. We accept cash and bank transfer. We do not accept any form of credit card payment.

Answer: Simply give us a call or SMS after payment has been made over your end. You will also receive a SMS confirmation from us after payment made following an official invoice that will be mailed to you.

Answer: Please provide us in writing or give us a SMS notice not shorter than 24hrs prior to the tuition. If last minute postponement is given whereby tutor has already made their way to the parent premise, the parent will be made liable to pay for the transport cost of the tutor.

Answer: Parent has to notify us at least 24hrs before the commencement of the 1st lesson. If any last minute notice is given, we are sorry to inform that parent will be liable to pay for the 1st lesson as effort has been made to find you a suitable candidate.

Answer: Parent has a 7 days grace to make the 50% payment to agency after 2nd lesson conducted on the 1st month. A 5% late charge will be imposed on the 50% fee in event payment is not received after 7 days.

Tutor Corner

Answer: Registration is free. There is only a ONE TIME agency charge for the 1st month after a successful matching of assignment to you. This is at 50% of the 1st month tuition fee.

Answer: You must be a Singaporean that possesses a minimum A Level Or Diploma equivalent and must be at least 18 years and above. All certification will be requested and validated upon confirmation of an assignment.

Answer: All tutors are required to complete a minimum 1 month tuition assignment. But having said that, we strongly encourage tutors to follow through with all their students till at least the end of their academic year as we strongly believe teaching should be a responsible commitment with long term value creation. We value professionalism and integrity as an education provider.

Answer: After official confirmation sent out, if any postponement that results in the assignment cancellation by parent before the completion of the 1st month lesson due to tutor’s fault, our agency will not hesitate to blacklist the tutor and adjust the commission accordingly. We wish to highlight that we take agreement to the official confirmation notice seriously.

Answer: We appreciate an official email writing to us to keep us updated if you have decided to withdraw yourself as a tutor with us. We will then follow up to remove your application from our database.

Answer: There is no guarantee that you will get an assignment from us after registration. However, all registration are taken seriously by us and we will try our utmost to find you the perfect match base on your profile information given to us.

Example: 2hrs session to be adjusted to 1.5hrs

Answer: We advise tutor to firmly inform parent that the agreed number of hours per session is 2hrs as per stated and agreed upon. If tutor decides to proceed with the requested hour from parent, our agency commission fee will not be affected by the private settlement between you and the parent.

Answer: We do not advocate such practice from tutor as it reflects a lack of professionalism and long term commitment towards an assignment. We hope a long term commitment be built upon quality teaching and transfer of knowledge as the foundation.

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